Skule Orchestra Promotions

In second year of university (2008-2009), I took on the role of Promotions Director of Skule Orchestra. I learned a lot from the other orchestra executives and designed all the promotional material for the group that season. Visit the Skule Music website and see some of my designs:

posters for club fairs, open rehearsal poster, and sponsorship brochure:

signs for club fairs poster for open rehearsal sponsorship brochure

our first concert – POPS (popular music) at SUDS:

POPS at SUDS poster

Skule Music Concert poster and programme:

Skule Music Concert poster Skule Music Concert programme cover

Moment – The Valentine’s Ball

Moment poster Moment painted poster

Symphonic BOOM

Symphonic Boom poster

Symphonic Boom programme - front Symphonic Boom programme - members Symphonic Boom programme - back

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