Flash Mob at MIE Dinner Dance

Show your GRADitude!

Graditude is an awesome campaign, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it. Graditude is a way for students who are graduating from UofT Engineering to make small donations back to the faculty to express thanks for their experiences at Skule. For me, this initiative is perfect because the money goes to club funding. I think there is tremendous value in keeping the clubs alive and well because I strongly believe that it is these organizations that give students a chance to not only develop into better leaders and better communicators, but to give them a chance to interact and cooperate – which as a result builds a sense of community within the faculty.

Some of us within the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering decided to put together a flash mob to help promote the Graditude campaign. Consider this a part of our class gift back to the community…ENJOY!

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