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Thesis: Search and Manipulation of Microcontrollers

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For my thesis project, I developed an algorithm to automate the micropipette setup procedure for Robotic ICSI. ¬† These fragile tools are as thin as 5 or 10 microns wide at their tips and are often indistinguishable to the human eye. ¬†They cannot be seen under a microscope unless it is in focus in the […]

Capstone Project: Structural Assessment of Small Bore Feeder Pipes

Capstone Project: Structural Assessment of Small Bore Feeder Pipes

For our 4th year project, my group worked with CANDU Energy to create numerical simulations of Coolant feeders under structural loading. Much of the model was coded in ANSYS and MATLAB

Link Optimization Lab and Competition (MIE320)


For the final lab in MIE320 (Mechanics of Solids II), we worked in pairs to construct an optimized link for a class competition. The goal is to create the link with the largest load to weight ratio. We started with a 1/4 in thick 6″ x 6″ piece of PMMA plastic and machined the link […]

CAD course Egg Drop Soup Competition

CAD Bill of Materials

This is an essay from my first polisci course…

Topic: The Minister of Foreign Affairs has asked you (a policy intern): Which is the greater threat to the future of international cooperation, the vast inequality between rich and poor countries, or the possibility of terrorist attacks by non-state actors?